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How To Get An "Unfair Advantage" in Your Submission Grappling

…Allowing You to Dominate More Opponents In Just Weeks (Sometimes Even Days) Of Using It.
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From: Bob Dorris, Submission Grappling, Self Defense & Martial Arts Instructor

Dear Fellow Grappler –

Do you hate being tapped out all the time by guys who are bigger, stronger, younger or more advanced than you?

Do you keep forgetting techniques you’ve learned? And…

…have you started to realize yet that your improvement is TOO SLOW, that it’s going to take years to be as good as you’d like to be?

If so, then this page may be the biggest submission grappling “breakthrough” you’ll have this year. 

In the next couple minutes, I’m going to show you how you can:

  Almost immediately stop being the one who’s getting submitted, and start DOMINATING bigger & more advanced opponents  

  Guarantee you’re practicing the right techniques so you’ll actually feel yourself progressing every time you train

 Retain more of what you learn so you’ll have CONFIDENCE that you’ll know what to do in nearly ANY grappling situation you encounter...

...whether you’re training on the mat or defending yourself in a dimly lit parking lot

I know, you’re probably skeptical, right? Well, just bear with me and I’ll prove it. 

First, let me tell you a quick story…
50 Years Old and Frustrated With Being Tapped Out By Everyone I Grappled With…
As an older guy in my 50′s with a job, family and less time for training than everyone else, I was struggling trying to keep up with the younger grapplers.
I’d show up to train a couple times a week, but those “kids” had more time to train, more energy and more muscle. It was the same thing every day… 

...I’d get submitted over & over, and the only time I ever felt like I did anything right was when someone would “let” me do a technique on them.

I was really frustrated by how easily everyone was tapping me out, not too mention…  

… I was sick and tired of having bigger, heavier guys crushing me with their weight and not knowing what I could do about it. 

After all, my goal was to improve my grappling and my self-defense ability… not to build everyone else’s ego by letting them destroy me night after night.  

So, what did I do?

Well, I took lots of notes in class. I scoured YouTube (for a while). I bought tons of DVD’s which just ended up collecting dust on the shelf!

Those things gave me plenty of information (almost too much).

And did that work?

Nope. They were all just too time consuming, inconvenient and disorganized to use and study regularly, and time was already a problem for me.  

And, even when I’d learn cool moves from them…  

...they just weren’t the exact ones I needed to handle the guys I grappled with.  

And, when I’d learn new moves in class, everyone ELSE learned the same moves, so I couldn’t catch anyone with them them, and I’d eventually forget them.  

Basically, the whole process of improving was painfully slow, and I remained “the bait in a school of sharks.” 

That is, until I asked myself...

"What If There Was An Easier Way To Get Better…

…FASTER Than Everyone Else?"
I finally realized that, since I didn’t have more time, muscle, energy or techniques than my training partners and opponents, I had to rely on my INTELLIGENCE. 

I needed a secret advantage. I had to find a way…

…to improve faster than they possibly ever could, so I could be the one dominating on the mat (and if required, kicking butt on the street). 

What could my advantage be?

Well, as I mentioned before, I had a TON of grappling techniques available, but limited time, lack of convenience...

...and lack of organization of those techniques prevented me from learning or using them effectively.

So, what if I could fix that problem and make ALL those techniques…

  Available at my fingertips IN SECONDS (saving me tons of time) 

  Organized in way that I could instantly find the exact techniques I need to handle whatever situation I found myself in when I grappled...

...guaranteeing that I’d improve a LOT every time I trained 

  So convenient that I could access them anywhere I was, so I can learn or review my techniques whenever I have a free minute or two?

Well, it seemed obvious to me that if I could accomplish those things, I’d have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over anyone I’d ever grapple with. As a matter of fact…

…everyone else would be progressing at a snails pace compared to me. 

No one would be able to keep up, not even those “kids” with all that spare time, energy and muscle.
Months of Blood, Sweat & Tears 
Trying To Make It A Reality…
Fortunately for me (and you), I’m extremely nerdy AND I totally obsess on anything I set my mind to. 

So, for the next several months…

...I put aside EVERYTHING else, and laser-focused on finding a way to make my “idea” a reality. 

I literally dedicated my life to it. Think I’m kidding?

I’m not. Here’s just some of what I did…

  I sought out & cataloged every submission grappling technique I could find… 

  I broke down every grappling position into its sub-positions…. 

  I organized all those techniques into the positions & sub-positions they belonged to… 

   I researched software and computer programming that would let me access those techniques EASILY and FAST from a PC, tablet or cell-phone 

(When I said I wanted it fast & convenient, I wasn’t joking)…


… this went WAY beyond what any normal, sane 49 year-old guy wanting to be a good grappler would do. 

I attacked this with a crazed single-mindedness, hell-bent on the destruction of any bigger, younger or more advanced opponent that got in my way.

I wanted to dominate EVERYONE I grappled with… 

...I wanted to be able to do it NOW… 

...and I needed a TOOL that would let me do that while working a job, raising a family, and still living a normal life.

And What Was The Result?

In just a couple months, I went from being the guy that everyone tapped out...

... to being the guy whose skills everyone respected and who dominated nearly EVERYONE he rolled with. So then…

…I shared it with some training partners, and they had the SAME result.

Then, I shared it with a select group of grapplers who had heard about it… and they ALL asked for permanent access to it because their results were phenomenal.

And now, there’s over 2,000 grapplers just like you who are using and loving it. Let’s just say…

… I succeeded WAY beyond what anyone, including me, expected. Just wait until I show you!

Let me introduce you to…
The iGrapple® Mobile Grappling Trainer…
…The Easiest & Fastest Way To Dominate and Quickly Become The Best You Can Be!
The iGrapple is a tool that let’s you find exactly the moves you need to beat your opponents, and it lets you find those moves in seonds…

… anywhere and any time you have even a couple spare minutes.

No more DVD’s sitting unused on the shelf, no wasting time on YouTube or wishing you could recall the moves you learned but forgot.

Getting crushed under some muscle-head training partners MOUNT or SIDE CONTROL and he’s got a keylock / americana / hammerlock on you?
Click, click, click…

…and you now know exactly how to defend and escape that position.

Getting trapped in stronger opponents GUARD and need to escape a guillotine choke?

No problem! A few clicks of your mouse (or taps on your mobile phone screen) and you’re watching a quick, concise video of how to escape.

About to lose your grip as some young punk finishes that armbar on you?

Hell no, he’s not going to submit you anymore! 

A couple taps on your phone screen, and you’re looking at SEVERAL ways you can easily escape that armbar and submit him in seconds.

Now just imagine how good you’ll be…

… and how FAST you’ll get there, if you use the iGrapple® every time you find yourself in a grappling situation where you don’t know what to do.

Quickly look up that situation, watch a short video clip showing you exactly what to do, and a few seconds later, BAM… 

... you instantly know what to do and are better than you were before. 

You’ll leave your training partners & opponents in the dust!
Here’s just a tiny FRACTION of what the iGrapple® does for you…

   Tired of being trapped under mount with your arms pinned to the floor? 

Instantly choose from 6 quick escapes that will put YOU on top and ready to finish your opponent in a heart beat!

   Sick of getting crushed under side-control and your opponent’s got his forearm to your throat? 

Grab one of these 4 sneaky moves to quickly reverse or even submit your opponent! 

   Opponent keeps getting you with armbars? 

Before you reached the end of this page, you could have seen 4 ways to escape & put a CRUSHING knee lock on him (or simply get him in side-control, if you choose) 

   Keep getting caught in a triangle choke and don’t know what to do? 

A few clicks and you’ve got 9 killer escapes to choose from! 

   Can’t pass your opponent’s guard? In a couple seconds from now, you could choose from 6 neck crank passes… 

...or 5 double-underhook “stack” passes… 

...or 3 powerful leg attacks that don’t require you to pass his guard at all! 

   Don’t know how to escape a common “street-fight” headlock on the ground? 

Click, click, click… and you could be choosing from one of 11 different headlock escapes that fits your needs PERFECTLY!   

   Sick of feeling like a beginner? 

Use the iGrapple for just a couple days, and watch your training partners’ jaws drop when you “school” them on how to reverse an opponent under Knee On Belly… 

...or under North South, or reversing him from half guard or escaping a Rear Choke.  

Whatever you choose, they'll think you're a grappling genius!

    And much, much more…

Listen, I honestly cannot tell you all the benefits you’re going to receive from using the iGrapple® here on one single web page. However…

…I absolutely can PROMISE you that, once you start using the iGrapple®, you will dominate and tap out more opponents than you ever have before.

You’ll feel CONFIDENT that you know what to do in every grappling situation, whether on the mat with bigger, younger, more advanced training partners 

...OR in a dimly lit parking lot if you’re confronted by some thug who wants to start trouble in front of your woman or family.
And I’m Going To GIVE You Awesome Bonuses...
...To Make Sure You Are Dominating Your Opponents in the Shortest Time Possible!

BONUS #1: 
James Brasco's
"No-Gi Guard Passing”

($97 Value: Format Instant Download) 

BJJ Black Belt James Brasco is a World Extreme Fighting Winner, Global Cage Fighting Championship Winner, ADCC 2017 Trials Winner, NCAA Division 1 Wrestler, IBJJF Champ and more!

  In this course, you'll learn James cage fight and competition tested approach to passing your opponents guard.

  Once you've seen this, you'll never look at guard passing the same way. It's brilliant!
Packed with great techniques, tips and tricks from a pro fighter who knows what works in the real world.

   Approximately 90 Minutes in length

BONUS #2: 
James Brasco's “Unstoppable Sweeps & Reversals”

($97 Value: Format Instant Download) 

BJJ Black Belt James Brasco is a master of reversing his opponents from every position to get the upper hand. 

In this 3-Video Series, he shows you:

  Half Guard Sweeps and Reversals

   Butterfly Guard Sweeps and Reversals 

  Guard Sweeps and Reversals 

  Standing, Turtle, Sprawl, Side-Control Sweeps and Reversals

  And much more...

BONUS #3: 
James Brasco's "Domination: 
Opponent Standing, Turtle, Sprawl, Sidecontrol”

($97 Value: Format Instant Download) 

In this video, James Brasco teaches his methods for dominating while:

  Your opponent's standing and you're on your back

  In Turtle Position (a.k.a. Quarter Position)

  In Side Control (a.k.a. Cross Body)

You'll be so well-versed about what to do from all the positions that your training partners will be looking at you like you’re their new teacher!

BONUS #4: 
“How To Be A Better Grappler Every Time You Train!”

($47 Value: Format Instant Download) 

Want to make significant improvement in your grappling every time you get on the mat?
In this 3-Video Series, we show you:

  A step-by-step plan to improve your grappling every time you train

  A simple method that makes you remember more techniques AND increases how fast you recall them (you’ll love this!) 

  How to drill your techniques for even faster reactions. It’s a very cool method!

BONUS #5: 
“Fast Action Guide: How to Get the Most From Your iGrapple”

In this concise guide, we make sure you'll get the most from using the iGrapple.

Follow the simple instructions, and we guarantee you'll become a submission grappling force to be reckoned with!

So, What’s The Cost?
Listen… I’m sure you’ll realize I could sell this for a lot more than the price I’m about to tell you. 

The bonuses alone are worth over $500, and I’ve sold the iGrapple® Desktop version ALONE for $247 in the past.

And, I’ve got to tell you, there’s so much good info in the iGrapple® that I’m planning to break it into SEVERAL smaller products in the future and sell them individually for $67 to $97 each (which will still be a great deal), totaling at least $700 – $1,000 if you bought them individually. However…

…because I’ve been where you are now, I know how frustrating & damaging to your ego it is when you keep getting destroyed by bigger, younger and more advanced opponents.

Not to mention, how humiliating it is when some punk threatens you in front of your woman or family, and you DON’T have the confidence that you can handle him with ease. 

(Don’t feel too bad… I was there at one time. But ABSOLUTELY not anymore and NEVER again!)

Therefore, I’m going to let you  try the iGrapple® for 14 Days for only $1. If you like it (and you WILL), make only 4 monthly payments of $37 and you’ll have life-time access. 

No ongoing monthly fees. No risk to you whatsoever. However…

… you must act quickly. I’ve already told you that this offer will not last forever, so consider yourself warned!
 Or If You Prefer To Pay With PayPal...
Comments From Some of iGrapple’s Over 2,000 Users:
I think you have just solved the most fundamental problem for anyone who wants to improve their ability as a grappler or jiu jitsu competitor. --- Mark Holloway, Gilbert AZ 

The iGrapple is the smartest approach to learning grappling I have ever seen. The initial outline of starting positions are extremely helpful to beginners like myself. I have found that my solo training is more rewarding because I can plan which techniques I’m going to study from the iGrapple and then execute them on the mat. --- 
Kevin McIntosh, Gary IN 

I just got iGrapple and I think it’s genius… when I have to train alone, I use Submission Master and iGrapple and, man, do I get weeks of experience neurologically anchored in one session. This is truly a cutting edge training tool. --- R.A. Desaulniers, Patagonia AZ 

Wednesday – got in a position I didn’t know what to do. Thursday – at home, researched it on iGrapple, then drilled it for 15 minutes with submission master grappling dummy. Friday – got in the same position again, employed the move I’d practiced, and bam!, Tapout. You sir, are a genius. --- Scott,  Malibu CA 

The iGrapple is the most amazing grappling resource that anyone could have! We have an entire library dedicated to all the Grappling Arts but the iGrapple makes us wish we would have saved my money on costly books. The branch system of the iGrapple takes you further in depth than most all instructional dvd’s do and further than any book could possibly hope to. The iGrapple is a resource that all Grapplers should have. . For anyone that is skeptical we urge you to consider it! Money very well spent!  --- Chester and Jennifer Wright, Virginia Beach VA 

My video library is difficult to keep organized and slow to find a specific technique. iGrapple’s organization around macro positions (like mount) and multiple micro-positions within the macro, creates a well-organized, quick access library, but more importantly has significantly enhanced my ability and speed to re-call a technique on the mat when I need it. this will supercharge my learning and execution process. --- Eric Twigg, Farmington Hills MI 

If you are looking to improving the total intelligence of your tactics on the ground, Bob Dorris’s iGrapple is what I consider the ultimate standard for concise grappling information and the most powerful reference material of its kind. I enjoy Bob’s straight forward approach. He shows you what to do and where to go from there.  --- Chris Mar, Chief Tactical Instructor – Combined Operations Asia/PAC, Founding Chief Instructor ROC National SWAT, Chief Instructor Tactical CQC – PRC SPC, Chief Instructor – Special Deployment Tactical Riot Control, Founder APA Tactical CQC – CORE 

I had actually been trying to gather grappling/Jiu-Jistsu clips from a variety of sources, but the iGrapple has done all of that for me and provides information on a scale I could have never hoped to compile myself, not to mention the speed at which I can access the volumes of video clips… Due to the logical design of the iGrapple, the first time I used the product, I was able to easily find the exact position I had trained earlier that night in just a few seconds! It really is surprisingly quick and simple to find the exact grappling position you’re looking for. --- Jim Connell, Nashua NH 

I was fed up with dominating during stand up in my MMA fights, only to be quickly submitted when the fight goes to the ground. I’m glad I made this purchase, because the first iGrapple® technique video has already shown me what I’ve been doing wrong and how to correct it. I’m now looking forward to Grappling class tomorrow! --- Ryan Shanahan, Toronto Ontario 

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with iGrapple. First, I must say that your customer support is excellent. I had an issue with logging in, and you were able to help me promptly and courteously.The application itself is everything you said it would be. It is very easy to use, and I consult it regularly. I have no doubt that the program, coupled with your training guidelines, will help my grappling game immensely. Thanks again for a wonderful product. --- Marcelo Corpuz, Wauconda IL
My point is, I’m SO confident that you’re going to love the incredibly FAST improvement, the respect from your training partners, and the self-confidence you’ll get from using the iGrapple® even for just a couple weeks…

…that I’m going to give you a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase of the iGrapple® Mobile, you can ask me for a full refund within the first 30 Days — no matter what — and I’ll promptly and quietly return every penny you paid in full.
By this point, I really shouldn’t have to convince you that the iGrapple® is worth far more than I’m charging. It was born out of a passion to improve myself and be the best I could, as FAST as I could…

…not to mention, a deep dislike of being dominated by those bigger, younger “kids” with more time to train, who USED to be able to beat me with ease (but now ask me for advice!)

However, if you STILL need more convincing, then ask yourself if you’d be willing to pay a mere $3 a day for the next 7 weeks to suddenly become the guy who DOMINATES his opponents on the mat… 

...who knows exactly what to do in nearly every situation… who everyone looks up to as an “authority” on submission grappling…

…and who walks with confidence on the street, knowing he’s 10x’s more capable than necessary of DESTROYING any big jerk who decides to start trouble with him, his woman or his family.

Is that worth the small cost to you? Need I say more?
*For Both Android and iOS / iPhones!*
 Or If You Prefer To Pay With PayPal...
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I’ve already told you that the iGrapple® won’t be available forever at this price for the entire product.

So, click the button above now and try the iGrapple® for 14 Days for only $1. If you like it (and you WILL), make only 4 monthly payments of $37 and you’ll have life-time access. Don’t Miss out!

To your success on the mat and confidence on the street!
Bob Dorris, D.O.M. 
P.S. Reality is, if you close this page now without ordering, your future in submission grappling’s not going to look so bright any time soon.

However, if you get the iGrapple® and bonuses at the limited time affordable price I’m offering it to you right now, your training partners will be saying “Damn… how’d he get so good, so fast?”

P.P.S. My strong hunch is that you’d also love to be more confident than you are, walking with your head up knowing WITHOUT A DOUBT that you are easily capable of handling any punk, biker-type or street thug that wants to “test” you. 

Get the iGrapple® and let it make you “street ready” for any situation!
"I have used iGrapple® for two positions I routinely have problems with. So, now that I have used iGrapple and applied it to the mat, all I can say is, Perfect. 

This tool is exactly what I have been looking for. "

--- Ernest Guillory, Houston, TX 
"Big up to you for putting together an awesome training tool. I’m a former Marine and I’ve trained HARD For over 30 years (successfully I must add). 

Thank you very much for your hard work and attention to detail. Please don’t sell this to our adversary overseas! Keep up the good work, sir. "

--- Ken Winnik , Fords, NJ 
"I really love the iGrapple, it has increased my memory of my techniques a great deal – it is the most awesome thing created for training!"

--- RJ Ceasar, MMA Fighter - Bronx, NY 
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